How to get from the airports to Rome’s city centre: my tips and tricks // A Greek in Rome

The airport is the first thing we get to meet when visiting a new city. And while nowdays airports are modern and have all kinds of facilities (even michelin star restaurants- I’m looking at you Fiumicino) the reason we travel is to get to know a new city, experience it, wander into it’s alleys and taste it’s food. For these reasons I am sure you want to pass less time in the airport possible and go to the city center instead. Today I am going to share with you my tips on getting from Rome’s two airports, Fiumicino and Ciampino, to the city center.

From Fiumicino airport to Rome

Leonardo da Vinci international airport, known as Fiumicino, is the biggest airport of Rome, home of the national airline Alitalia, and the place you will probably land into if you are flying with them or almost any airline. Fiumicino has three terminals, the first one, where international (non Shenghen) flights depart, being recently restored has a nice food area.

Fiumicino airport is located 24 km south of Rome. Reaching the city though is pretty easy. The fastest and easiest way is the Leonardo express train which connects the airport to the city of Rome in just 30 minutes.  There are also shuttle buses that connect the airport with Rome’s main station, Termini. A taxi ride to the airport and from the airport to the city center (within the Aurelian walls) has a fixed rate of 45euros. Be carreful though when you are using a taxi since taxi drivers tend to charge more to tourists. To avoid any fraud I suggest downloading the my taxi application (available for android and ios). With this application you can book a taxi wherever you are (perfect if you don’t know the city) and the best part is that all drives are registered so no one can charge you more. If you download the app and use the code smaragda.mar you can have 5euros discount on your first ride.

From Ciampino airport to Rome

If you come to Rome with one of the low cost airlines like Ryanair you would probably be landing at Ciamppino, the second airport of the city. Ciampino is a very small airport which makes it very easy to wander around and it’s not as chaotic as Fiumicino.

Ciampino is located 20kms away from Rome. Going to and from the airport is very easy. You can always take a taxi; the route to the airport has a fixed rate of 35euros.

The fastest and most confortable way to reach the airport or the city center are shuttle buses that get you from the airport to Termini station, the main train and metro station of the city. A ride with a shuttle bus usually costs around 4 to 6 euros, depends on the company you choose, and most buses offer wifi. If you book your tickets online the price is always lower. And even if I don’t book my tickets online when I go from the airport to Rome I always do it when I go from Roma Termini to Ciampino, especially if I have to catch an early flight.  My favorite company is Terravision, mainly because they have an early morning ride, perfect for my 6:40a.m flights (I am looking at you Ryanair)

The newest way to get from Ciampino to Rome is not very easy and comfortable but it is perfect if you are on a budget. Basically Atac, Rome’s public transport provider, opened two new bus lines that connect Ciampino with Anagnina and Laurentina metro stations.In particular the 520 bus connects Ciampino airport to Anagnina metro A station and the 720 bus connects Ciampino to Laurentina metro B station. Personally I still prefer shuttle buses but this is perfect if you are on a low budget since it costs only 1,50 euros

And now that you know how to get to the center from the airport you are ready to explore the eternal city. Have fun

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